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                         VALUED CUSTOMER



Free Appetizers                    

Chips and spinach dip

Fried Okra

Mozzerella sticks


Spaghetti with turkey meat sauce

Salmon Turnovers and more!

                               OTHER BENEFITS

Free drinks (refills as you wait on your order) and free garlic bread, 20% off deep dish pasta platters, try something new on the menu up to $6.00 in value when you purchase a family meal. Unlimited meat toppings for your 2 for 20 large pasta pans (seafood not included) Sign up at the counter for only $19.99 and enjoy immediately these discounts and free items for 1 year!




Our vision is to highly satisfy our customers and influence the community with excellent food and service. Our chefs are committed to a journey of innovation and dedicated their time to improve our products. We desire for every customer and employee to enjoy everything we have to offer. Empowering relationships, enjoyment and happiness are the core values of the company, experiencing good food and life at its best!

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